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This Day Trivia

Ever wonder what else was going on when you were born?
Find out here!


How this came to be:

I've always loved trivia, and back many years ago I began keeping an informal database of interesting facts I ran across.  A friend of mine read it and said it was fascinating and I should do something with it (I hate that guy ;).  So in 1989, I created a DOS program that would display daily trivia from the database.  This was distributed via BBS (one of the forerunners to the Internet).  And after thousands of hours of work on it, here were are.


Yeah, yeah, there's plenty of trivia databases out there, what's so special about yours?

ALL entries are personally selected and written by me.  It's not just some computer-generated list of people's names and birthdays.  I try to find unusual trivia that other "This Day" type lists don't include and try to have something interesting for every day (well most days).  I hope this makes it more fun to read than just some boring list of birthdays and events. 


How big will the list get?

This list is currently at about 12,000 entries which is small compared to many other trivia databases.  However, it will probably stay that size, since my focus is more on quality than quantity.  I would rather have a few interesting entries, than a lot of boring ones.


How many mistakes are in the list?

Three (well, maybe a couple more).  So when you spot one, let me know at: E-Mail Contact Image



Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

jeff denson (obsessive/compulsive trivia collector)


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