November 25


Today's Trivia November 25, 3978: Planet of the Apes

3978 Planet of the Apes The astronauts land on a mysterious planet ruled by apes - According to the calendar on their spacecraft, as per the 1968 movie.

1986 Iran-Contra Affair U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese announces that $10 million of the $30 million from the sale of weapons to Iran had been illegally diverted to Nicaraguan contras.

Today's Trivia November 25, 1847: $1,000,000 Postage Stamp

1847 $1,000,000 Postage Stamp A letter is mailed using a 5¢ U.S. 1847 Blue Alexandria postage stamp. In May 1981 this stamp was sold for $1,000,000. This is the only known example of this stamp.


Today's Trivia November 25, 1844: Karl Friedrich Benz

1844 Karl Friedrich Benz d. 1929 German automotive pioneer. Built the first practical car powered by an internal combustion engine.


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