September 23


Today's Trivia September 23, 1952: Nixon's Checkers Speech

1952 Nixon's Checkers Speech Vice-Presidential candidate Richard Nixon gives his famous speech explaining an $18,000 campaign fund. He claimed the only personal gift he received was a dog named Checkers - which he refused to give up. An outpouring of public sympathy kept him on the ticket for vice president. His speech was watched or heard by about 60 million Americans, the largest television audience to that time.
The term "Checkers speech" has come now come to mean an emotional speech by a politician.

Today's Trivia September 23, 1949: Russia Announces it is a Nuclear Power

1949 Russia Announces it is a Nuclear Power Russia announces that it has exploded its first atom bomb. They had exploded the bomb the previous month. The development was aided by blue prints of the original American Trinity bomb design given to the Russians by the spy Klaus Fuchs, a Los Alamos physicist.

Today's Trivia September 23, 1908: Merkle's Boner - Mistake Loses the Pennant Race

1908 Merkle's Boner - Mistake Loses the Pennant Race Bottom of the 9th of the deciding game of the National League pennant race; score 1-1. The New York Giants hit to center field, bringing the man on 3rd in for the winning run. Fred Merkle, who had been on 1st, considered the game won and headed for the dugout without advancing to 2nd. This resulted in a forced out at 2nd, nullifying the run, and therefore a tie game. Merkle's team lost the playoff game, causing the Giants to lose the National League pennant to the opposing Chicago Cubs.

1779 American Revolution John Paul Jones in the Bonhomme Richard captures the British ship Serapis in the most famous battle of the war. It was during this battle that he declared "I have not yet begun to fight."


Today's Trivia September 23, 1933: Lina Medina

1933 Lina Medina Peruvian mother. She gave birth at age 5 years, 7 months, and 21 days, the youngest confirmed mother in medical history.

Today's Trivia September 23, 63 B.C.: Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus Augustus

63 Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus Augustus d. 14 the first Roman Emperor. He was the heir of Julius Caesar. His defeat of Antony and Cleopatra at Actium in 31 A.D. made him ruler of the world.

1949 Bruce Springsteen American singer, songwriter, "The Boss." Music: Born To Run (1975) and Born In The USA (1984).

1930 Ray Charles d. 2004 (Ray Charles Robinson), American singer, composer, pianist, blind since the age of 6. Music: Georgia On My Mind (1960, #1) and Hit the Road, Jack (1961, #1). The movie Ray (2004, starring Jamie Foxx) is based on his life.

1869 Typhoid Mary d. 1938 (Mary Mallon), Irish-born American cook, typhoid carrier. She was the first recorded U.S. case of a healthy carrier of typhoid (1907). She infected 53 people while she herself remained healthy.


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