March 27


1998 Viagra Becomes the first oral drug approved for use in the U.S. for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It was originally developed as a treatment for angina, for which it was ineffective; however, an interesting side effect was noticed.

Today's Trivia March 27, 1860: The Corkscrew

1860 The Corkscrew Patent granted to M.L. Byrn of New York City.

1964 North America's largest recorded earthquake A quake measuring 8.4 on the Richter scale hits near Prince William Sound, Alaska.

1958 Nikita Khrushchev The Russian leader becomes Premier of the Soviet Union. The previous premier, Bulganin, had resigned.

1912 First of the famous cherry trees encircling the Tidal Basin in Washington D.C. are planted.

1814 End of the Creek War Andrew Jackson defeats the Creek Indians at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend, Alabama. 90% of the Indians were killed.


1868 Patty Smith Hill d. 1946 American schoolteacher. She wrote the words to Happy Birthday to You (1924). Composed by her sister, it has become the most sung song in the world.

1939 Cale Yarborough American Hall of Fame auto racer, 4-time Daytona 500 winner.

1899 Gloria Swanson d. 1983 (Gloria Svensson), American actress, sex symbol of the 1920s. Film: Sunset Boulevard (1950).

1863 Sir Frederick Henry Royce d. 1933 English auto maker, co-founder of Rolls-Royce automobile company (1904).

1845 Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen d. 1923 German physicist, discovered X-rays (1895). He died of cancer.

1813 Nathaniel Currier d. 1888 American lithographer, co-founded (1857) Currier & Ives, which recorded American history in their prints from the mid 1800s to the turn of the century.


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