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Frequently Asked Questions


Who can see the entry I added?

Your entry can be viewed using web link provided that you will be given after clicking the "Add to This Day Trivia" button.  The general public viewing that day's entry will not see your special entry.  However, don't put confidential information in your entry, such as credit card numbers, your SSN, etc., as the data is not protected and someone could break in and view it.


How long will my entry be available for viewing?

We try to keep them available for at least 60 days after the last time it was viewed, or until the server crashes, etc. - whichever comes first - there's no guarantee.
So, if you want to keep your entry active, then view it every so often.


How do I change my entry?

You can't.  This prevents someone else from changing your entry while you're not looking.  If you find something wrong with your entry or you don't like it, then simply create a new one and use it instead.


How many can I add?
As many as you want, as long as they are being entered by a human (or well-trained chimp).  Computer-generated and automated entries will be rejected.


I lost my link address, now what?
Easy come, easy go… just create a new one.


What about vulgar or abusive entries?

The editorial staff at This Day Trivia retains the right to remove entries that are deemed inappropriate.  This is solely at the discretion of said editors.
If you encounter an entry that you believe is inappropriate, contact E-Mail Contact Image






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